We use PacketBL and it rocks.
Addresses listed on the DNS RBL are blocked in the firewall code itself.

The DNS RBL "rbl.oc9.org" is updated daily from mail logs of which IP address attempt to connect to our mail server and are black listed elsewhere.

If you're blacklisted on "rbl.oc9.org" it means that your IP address (or a LOT of people from your subnet) has tried to deliver spam to our mail servers within the past year. There's nothing you can do. There is no one you can contact, after all you're a spammer -- scum of the earth.

To test if an IP is blacklisted, just attempt to view this webpage. If the connection times out, you are blacklisted.

We are currently blocking about 1% of the entire normal internet address space.

A total of 52,312,113 IP addresses are blacklisted.

Reasons we hate spammers (from someone else):

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